During my research of Owyhee County, I discovered that the editor(s) of the Owyhee Avalanche newspaper published the names of those persons who arrived or departed Silver City. I indexed all of the entries that were just in those lists.

I have not included any other names of prominent individuals that arrived or departed Silver City but were not listed in the passenger manifests. Maybe they arrived or departed via other means of travel in the day i.e. horseback, neighbor wagons, or walked. Thus, only passenger lists I found during the years 1865 through 1868 are indexed.

Later publishing indicated from whence people came or where they intended to go but I have not included this information in my current online index because I wanted to present the information alphabetically rather than by date of travel as I had previously done. I may at some point publish those lists on my web site but for right now, I am going with the alphabetical list for ease of research.